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50mL Anti-inflammatory Oil
100g Healing Salve

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Healing Salve

Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial

The healing salve is made from beautiful essential oils in a Virgin Shea Butter base. It has successfully been used on Eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, burns, bites and stings, and has also been successfully used on animals for fowl pox and other skin conditions.

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Anti-Inflammatory Oil

Black Cumin Oil

The Anti-Inflammatory Oil is made on a base of Black Cumin Oil & is combined with other powerful essential oils rich in methyl salicylates to assist with symptoms of arthritis, joint and muscle pain, and inflammation.

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What you think

  • "I am totally amazed. Yesterday I could not move my shoulder or arm without pain after only one application of your Anti-Inflammatory Oil over the affected area I have 95% movement with 0% pain!"

  • "I'm freaking over the moon!!!! Cat had a reaction to yearly needles 7 years ago. Vet bill, steroids and cream every year. Within 2 weeks of using your salve, not only is it healing, but he finally has fur growing back.“

  • "Tried the salve on two steam burns on my arm and hand today and wow! The pain disappeared almost immediately and so too did the redness. Now it feels like nothing ever happened....simply awesome stuff!!!!“


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